Vacations are Good for Your Business

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In recent years, the US has become the no vacation nation. This is partly because so many of us either don’t take vacations at all, or don’t use all of the vacation time allotted to us. And even when we do go on vacation, we take our laptop and cellphone with us so we can check email, fight fires at work, and generally continue working. This is not good for us. Not taking vacations and not actually vacationing even when we do take vacations is bad for both our emotional and physical health.

The simple truth is we NEED downtime from work. Vacations help us relax, lowering our blood pressure and reducing our risk of serious health issues. Vacations also help us be more productive and creative when we do go back to work. Recognizing this, some companies actually insist that their employees take real (no working allowed!) vacations on a regular basis. And typically, those companies are better off for this policy.

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