What We Do, And Why We Do It

Business Integrity, as part of Seeking Integrity LLC, was founded based on a need: the need for cultural change in American business and industry. With the #MeToo movement bringing a seemingly endless stream of allegations of sexual misconduct by men in positions of power, we wondered, “What’s next?” Almost immediately, we realized that bringing workplace misbehavior into the light is only half the battle. The other half is rethinking and significantly changing the ways in which we approach not just discrete sexual issues (such as harassment and discrimination) but organizational culture and integrity in general.

“Integrity is the essence of everything successful.”
– R. Buckminster Fuller

We believe that it’s one thing to be aware of and upset by singular and specific problems, and quite another to focus on the system-wide issues that facilitate those problems. Our multidisciplinary legal, clinical, and communications team believes we should think about and approach workplace misconduct of all types, especially sexual misconduct, holistically and proactively. To this end, we provide a range of services to corporations and other entities, including:

Our dual goal, regardless of the specific ethical, moral, and legal challenges we are helping a client address, is to deal with the matter at hand, and at the same time to move beyond the usual after-the-fact model of addressing workplace issues. With our holistic legal, clinical, and sociological approach, we help organizations develop, implement, and proactively promote system-wide changes that establish a new normal—where everyone involved thinks and acts with integrity, thereby avoiding altogether the problems that tend to create serious legal and financial issues down the line.