COVID-19 and Mental Health

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As the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continues, the psychological wellbeing of many individuals has suffered, not to mention our nation as a whole. The pandemic and its effects are taking a toll even on the psychiatrists and psychologists whose job it is to help the people struggling with depression, anxiety, addiction, and similar mental health issues. (For more about this, look t this article in Forbes, The Covic-19 Pandemic Is Causing More Severe Mental Health Issues — And More Burnout Among Psychologists and Psychiatrists.

With this information, one must wonder how the stress and strain of the pandemic are impacting business leaders and workers. Ask yourself: What is my business doing to ensure not only my physical health but my mental wellness? And what about the people I work with? If you feel that your company could do more to help but you’re not sure how to go about that, the following articles may provide some useful information.

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