What Are “Men’s Issues” and Why Should Americans Across the Political Spectrum Care About Them?

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Societal views of women’s issues–for example, sexual misconduct against women, disparate pay for the same work, the glass ceiling–are undergoing increased scrutiny in recent months. Partly spurred by the #MeToo movement and multiple stories of how businesses and well-known business leaders have faced criminal and civil charges for alleged mistreatment of women, public discourse has increasingly focused on women’s unique challenges. But what about men’s issues? A common view is that “in the era of #MeToo, men don’t have problems; they are the problem. To some, even talking about men’s problems can brand one as tone-deaf and sexist.” A recent opinion piece in The Washington Post posits that neglect of men’s issues will potentially have huge negative effects on society and the workplace. See how a nuanced, thoughtful consideration of men’s issues is not only timely, but could positively affect your workplace culture and, perhaps, bottom line.