Ethical Scandals in Tech Industries Lead to New Focus on Business Decision Making

Two former employees and whistleblowers at Theranos, the shuttered health company, are behind a new organization called Ethics in Entrepreneurship, which seeks to help other entrepreneurs from falling to a similar fate. “There were so many instances, even for someone like Elizabeth Holmes, to turn back and say, ‘I’m taking things a little too far here,'” Cheung told CNN Business. “She had many opportunities to — even at the very end, she could have said, ‘OK, I’m sorry. I messed up. I’ll stop processing patient samples and I’m going to get my team together, we’re going to work on this and we’re going to make a good product.’ I don’t think she’s ever said that, until she had to go to court and say those things.'” Click below to see how ethical decision making is becoming increasingly important in business.